Domestic Cleaning

We know that your home is your most valuable possession so we treat it accordingly. We can also provide a key-holding facility. Any special customer needs are noted on our initial visit and transferred to the customer's file. None of our staff will smoke in your home.

Regular Cleaning

Kitchen Clean

Clean outside surfaces of cupboards, window sills, floors, work-tops, radiators, skirting boards, light fittings & switches, and clean appliance exteriors including the cooker hob.

Bathroom and En-Suites

During a cleaning visit, there is the option to have the interiors of the kitchen cupboards cleaned. The prices are dependant upon kitchen size...

SMALL £19.45
MEDIUM £23.75
LARGE £26.50

Clean and polish the bath, shower and surround, the WC, mirrors, cabinets, radiators, fittings, floor, window sills, skirting boards, and tiles to splash-back height.

Rest of the home

Thorough vacuum, dust and polish throughout. Ash trays emptied and refreshed. Particular attention is given to door panels and frames, skirting boards, light fittings & switches, radiators and window sills. Waste paper baskets are emptied and the rubbish transferred to customer's wheelie bin. This service excludes kitchen bins and sanitary disposables.

Spring Cleaning

As the 'Regular Clean' but a much deeper approach with emphasis on wet-cleaning suitable surfaces rather than dusting. Plus all interior vertical windows are cleaned (only the inside facing glass with secondary double glazing), all washable surfaces e.g. tiles and gloss paintwork are washed down with grease-removing cleanser throughout the property. In the kitchen. There is the option to have all cupboard interiors cleaned.

Points Prices & Discounts as at October 2015

  • Regular Clean £0.40 per point*
  • Spring Clean £1.70 per point
  • Interior Windows £0.13 per point
  • Builder's Clean - Depending on how messy your builder was! Prices are from £1.99 per point.

Don't forget that Spring and Builder's Clean prices are inclusive of all interior window cleaning, with the exception of conservatory [vertical] interior windows which require an on-site quotation.

*Regular customers are given the following discounts:
  • Weekly - Net Price Less 10%
  • Fortnightly - Net Price Less 5%
  • 4-Weekly Net Price
Oven Cleaning:

Single from £55, Double from £75.

Regular cleaning customers also receive a substantial discount when using our ironing service. Provided that the items to be ironed are collected on the cleaning day by our cleaning staff, then the price per Kg is £2.58 for "non-shirts" or £3.19 for shirts regardless of how small the collection is.

Although interior window cleaning is included in the price of a Spring Clean, it is also available (at 13 pence per point) as an option to Regular Cleaning. Conservatories are the exception: Interior Vertical (non-roofing) conservatory windows are not priced using the points system but we will be pleased to offer you a quotation.

Our Account Facility:

By using our account facility you can pay for all your Sparkles services at the end of each calendar month. This system is not offered as a credit facility, and payment / transfer by return is very much appreciated.