Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Scientists have shown that regular deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery not only prolongs their life but also significantly reduces micro-dust based allergies to potentially affected persons. A contention not to be sneezed at!

How does the process work?

Forget the word 'Steam'. The very latest machines use technology rather than brute force to clean your fabrics. They inject a special cleaning solution through the material. Within seconds a powerful pump extracts the solution with any dirt and bacteria from the pile and safely into waste tanks. The solutions then restore the pH balance back to neutral. Drying time is kept to an absolute minimum.

How much does it cost?
  • Minimum charge per visit is 59.00
  • First room up to 20m Square (216 square foot) = 59.00
  • Any Remainder of 1st room = 1.75 per Sq. Metre (16p / Sq. foot)
  • Hall and Landing = 1.75 per Sq. Metre (16p / Sq. foot)
  • Any other rooms in the home = 1.75 per Sq. Metre (16p / Sq. foot
  • Standard flight of stairs (approx. 13 steps) = 24.00
Ornamental Rugs (Example Prices)
  • 1m x 2m (21 square feet) = 7.97
  • 2m x 3m (63 square feet) = 17.95
Optional Additives and Treatments
  • Lemon refresher rinse. Add 10% to total charge.
  • Urine neutraliser and deodorant pre-treatment. Add 5.00 per room.
  • Anti-static after spray. Add 5.00 per room.
  • Many other specialist treatments are available by request.
Upholstery (Example Prices)
  • Two-piece suite from 79.00
  • Three piece suite from 89.00